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10 Warm Weather Motorcycle Accessories

Posted by Mike Enzwiler on 28th Jul 2016

When the summer is upon us, the first thing you may want to do is drag out the motorcycle from the garage and go for a spin. The summer is a great time to go for a ride along the open road. When the temperatures heat up, you might find this time a bit uncomfortable. Staying cool in the dead heat of the summer will increase your enjoyment in the riding experience. Many experienced motorcycle riders still find this time of year to be quite miserable. Before you think about leaving your long pants or motorcycle helmet in the garage, consider the following tips to stay cool and safe.

Lightweight Jacket

There are many jackets on the market that will allow you to retain as much ventilation as possible during the dog days of summer. Purchasing a nylon mesh or other lightweight fabric will still offer protection for impact points like shoulders and the spine.

Hydration Bladder

When riding in warmer temperatures, it is crucial to stay hydrated. When you ride, you sweat because of the heat, so you need to have a way to replace any fluids lost. A lot of motorcycle riders use a hydration bladder in order to drink fluids along the way. A hydration bladder stores water in a backpack with connected hoses so that you can replenish fluids without the use of your hands.


On chilly nights, having a windshield can deflect wind from your face. In the heat of the summer, having a shorter windshield can work to direct a breeze onto you while you’re riding. Many windshields have movable brackets so that you are able to change the angle of the air flow. Some bikes offer the ability to change the air flow’s angle with a touch of a button on the handlebars.

Base Layers

Consider wearing something underneath your jacket that draws moisture away from your skin and increases the evaporation rate of the moisture. Some outfits are one piece and resembles a wetsuit worn by surfers. Sweat-wicking clothing as a base layer will cover your skin, but also keep you cool when the temperature goes up.

Ventilated Gloves

A lot of gloves on the market are made from carbon fiber, which offers a strong protection for your hands and fingers, but without adding much weight. Finding gloves with mesh or perforations are geared to keeping your hands from suffocating during the warmer summer months. Always use gloves that were designed for riding a motorcycle and remember that gloves suited for other tasks will not equate to the same protection you’ll need when riding.

Ventilated Pants

For pants, you want to buy lightweight protection that is breathable so that it maximizes the air flow. Buying pants that have reinforced knee and hip padding will come in handy in case there is a collision. Many pants companies use Kevlar in their products because of its strength and lightweight feel.

Ventilated Boots

When buying boots for riding, ensure that they have some sort of ventilation panels or breathability built in. These panels work to increase airflow to your feet, keeping them cool. With regard to your socks, you should buy sweat-wicking material that draws the moisture away from your feet.


Many state laws require motorcyclists to use helmets to help protect your head during your travels. A full face helmet with a visor that flips down is your best bet in keeping your face protected and your head cool. Just be sure that the helmet has adequate ventilation.

Wet T-Shirt or Evaporative Cooling Vest

Wet clothing that clings to your body may prove useful in keeping you cooler when the temperature heats up. Evaporative cooling vests are soaked with water and should be worn underneath your jacket to maximize your cool temperature in addition to airflow. If you don’t have a cooling vest handy, you can always wet down a t-shirt for a similar effect.


Covering up your neck is a crucial step to avoiding sunburn and hyperthermia. Using something simple like a water soaked bandanna can help keep your neck cool enough for your rides. A bandanna will keep the heat from your carotid arteries which deliver blood to your brain. It is best to keep a spray bottle full of water to re-soak your bandanna to keep you cool.