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Motorcycle Butt Fatigue

Motorcycle Butt Fatigue

Posted by Mike Enzwiler on 30th Jan 2018

Whether you typically ride your motorcycle on the highway, or you'd rather take your bike off into some trails, long rides can be uncomfortable. The seats or saddles on most motorcycles usually lacks enough proper padding for more hardcore applications. By simply adding a gel pad motorcycle seat over your current saddle, you might find that you're much more comfortable when riding your motorcycle. Before you do purchase a gel pad motorcycle seat, make sure that you understand its benefits before you decide which one is right for you.

One of the most noteworthy properties of gel padding is that it acts as an effective shock absorber, minimizing vibrations you may experience while riding. An avid driver can tell you that with the sport often comes a lot of aches and pains. Riding over rocks, dirt roads and cross country rides can have your lower back feeling hurt without proper support. The original foam style motorcycle seat has only a little bit of padding, which means that when you come down on the seat, the shock will be felt through your whole spine.

A gel cushion adds comfort to any motorcycle seat, relieving soft tissue compression as it absorbs the pressure exerted. This can prevent the onset of muscle spasms and effectively reduces the chances of injuries.There are 2 types of “gel” in the market, bicycle gel and medical gel. Bicycle gel is most commonly used on bicycles as those big cumbersome pads… fairly thick due to their small size in order to hold up under the pressure. Medical style gel is used in operating rooms to reduce bed sores during long surgeries, as well as well in wheelchairs and for physical therapy. It was originally invented to mimic skin tissue so as to increase blood flow and reduce pressure points. Very big differences that few riders are aware of.

Pro Pad seat pads are made from medical gel, rather than the conventional foam you will typically find stock on most motorcycles. The gel effectively disperses pressure evenly, which promotes proper circulation. For exhausted individuals, it also relieves fatigue faster than foam cushions can.Gel padding cushions the bony prominences more effectively than foam cushions do & disperses pressure evenly, thus promoting blood circulation. This improves posture and also boosts productivity. Additionally, the cushion alleviates soft tissue compressions, perfect for users who have to sit for long periods of time. Gel cushions also provide relief to people who suffer from lower back pain, degenerative hip disease, leg numbness, and hemorrhoids.

When you're going strong in an hour-long highway cruise, there's a good chance you'll experience some discomfort from a foam padded seat. Off Road trails also take a lot of endurance and power, which can be difficult to find when all you can think about is your aching legs and bottom. By investing in a good quality gel pad seat to use over the existing motorcycle seat, you'll have a more comfortable ride that allows you to enjoy the whole reason you started riding in the first place!