About Us

PPI is a family-owned manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories, such as motorcycle seat pads, motorcycle gel seat inserts, motorcycle flag mounts, and tour packs and racks. We believe the motorcycle is freedom... freedom of the open road, freedom to create your own destination and freedom to make your bike, well... yours.  We want to help you make your experience personal by providing superior products that are made right here in the USA. We strive to provide our customers with quality merchandise while supporting the American work force. Whether you are riding across the country or across town, you will be riding in comfort and style when you choose premium motorcycle products and accessories from PPI.

So, what is our story?

Back in 1999, we started with one goal: Stop “Rearenditis Numbicitis”. Our Harley seats were killing us and we knew there had to be a better way. The options of seat pads at the time just didn’t cut it for us, so we started on our own path to riding comfort. From the beginning, it’s been a family business with everyone chipping in. Our goal then was, as it is now, to provide a better riding experience via a high quality, super comfortable seat pad. We chose a medical grade polymer gel because of how effective it was in hospitals and in wheelchairs. Our covers were chosen for their durability, ride-ability, style and comfort. Put those together, along with an easy to use strapping system, and you have the Pro Pad Top Pad.

After a few years of just seat pads, we knew we had to expand our line of products. In 2003, we added the flags and mounts to our line up and never looked back. Same story as before, we couldn’t find the quality we wanted in a flag mount, so we decided to do it ourselves. Our thoughts were this: “We have this expensive motorcycle on which we wanted to put a flag mount that complimented the bike. So that flag mount has to be as high quality as the bike.” Thus our stainless steel flag mounts were born; little billet pieces of art for our bikes that were worthy to fly a USA flag. We also made our own flags because we couldn’t find a flag that would hold up and be worthy of having stars and stripes on it. A few years ago, we expanded our line again to include a variety of tour pack and rack solutions for our customers looking for a quality part for their ride. And as time goes on, we have many more new and exiting products coming to market, all to make your masterpiece even better.

Throughout the years, products and trends have come and gone, but the core lines remain: Pads, flags, and mounts- all made here in the USA (North Carolina to be exact), all with the same commitment- give our customers the best products and the best service, not because they demand it, but because they deserve it.