About Us

PPI is a family-owned manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories, such as motorcycle seat pads, motorcycle gel seat inserts, motorcycle flag mounts, and tour packs and racks. We believe the motorcycle is freedom... freedom of the open road, freedom to create your own destination and freedom to make your bike, well... yours.  We want to help you make your experience personal by providing superior products that are made right here in the USA. We strive to provide our customers with quality merchandise while supporting the American work force. Whether you are riding across the country or across town, you will be riding in comfort and style when you choose premium motorcycle products and accessories from PPI.

So, what is our story?

Back in 1999, the company started making gel seat pads and inserts for motorcycles. After a few years of just seat pads, flags and mounts were added to the line up. Then other accessories like seat mount knobs, windshield trim screws, floor board extensions and other miscellaneous items. All being manufactured in Mooresville NC. About 5 years ago, the company expanded its line again to include a variety of tour pack and rack solutions. 

In the beginning of 2020, Pro Pad Inc. was purchased by Performance Parts International LLC, once again family owned, continuing to manufacture and support the various products customers have appreciated for almost 25 years. PPI continues to serve the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycle touring market and products can be purchased through authorized dealers, distributors, online from our webstore or by visiting the PPI stand at the next rally.

Throughout the years, products and trends have come and gone, but the core lines remain: Pads, flags, and mounts- all made here in the USA (North Carolina to be exact), all with the same commitment- give our customers the best products and the best service, not because they demand it, but because they deserve it. While PPI continues its core products, new products are on the horizon so PPI can continue to deliver high quality products for your ride.