Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

Flag Mounts
Q. They look chrome. Are they?
A. Actually they are highly polished stainless steel. That means no chipping, peeling or rusting, and if it ever gets dull, you can repolish it. Plus stainless steel is incredibly durable which is why we can offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on them.
Q. Are the poles and mounts interchangeable?
A. Yes, any PPI pole will fit into any PPI flag mount.
Q. How do I measure the diameter of my round bar?
A. The simplest way is with calipers but since most of us don't own one, use the next best method. Take an adjustable wrench or a c-clamp, adjust it down to the bar, remove and measure the opening. This will tell you exactly the size you need.
Q. Can I take off the bullet style topper and put on the decorative lollipop topper?
A. Yes, the bullet style is held on by red (permanent) Loctite and, by using two sets of vice grips, you can twist off the topper and put on the decorative lollipop topper. The decorative lollipop topper uses a set screw to keep it in place. The decorative lollipop topper will fit on any 1/4-20 thread.
Q. Is there a warranty on flags?
A. Due to a number of variables outside of our control (i.e. weather, amount of ride time, sun exposure, outdoor storage, whipping against bike, etc.) there is no expressed warranty on our flags. On rare occasion, if you happen to experience issues with your flags within the first two weeks of owning them, please contact us and we will address the issue according to the circumstances involved. Proof of purchase (receipt) is required if not purchased directly through Pro Pad.

Please keep in mind that flags are generally replaced yearly, depending on the variables mentioned above.

Q. Can you wash the flags?
A. Yes, they can be washed if needed. Wash with regular detergent on mild or gentle cycle in cold water. Hang to dry.
Pro Pads - Click here for Air Series Pads installation information
Q. How do I install my Pro Pad?
A. Installation is easy with our two-part system: (1) a sewn-in elastic strap towards the front of the pad that can be flossed between the seat and the tank or a two-part seat like those found on Fatboys (2) a strapping system at the rear sides of the pad with detachable clips, adjustable elastic straps and coated metal hooks. These hooks can then be attached to the bottom edge of the seat, to each other underneath the seat, to a rail or the hooks can be removed and the elastic can be looped around a bar.
Dealer Information
Q. How do I become a dealer?
A. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please email us at and request the Introductory Dealer Packet. This will include a one page application, additional dealer information, and our current pricing. We require an initial $300 buy-in at the base dealer cost, which is 25% off retail. There are no minimum order requirements after the initial purchase, but you must purchase $300 annually in order to maintain the 25% discount. You will not reach the full 35% dealer discount until you have spent $1000. We also require that you purchase at least $1000 annually in order to maintain your dealer status and receive the full dealer discount. You may also purchase our products from Drag Specialties and Bikers Choice.
Q. I carry your product, but I’m not listed under ‘Find a Dealer’. How do I get on this list?
A. We would be happy to add you to our ‘Find a Dealer’ page. Please email the following information to Company Name, Address, Phone Number, a link to your company website (if you have one), and the distributor you use and request to be added to the ‘Find a Dealer’ page.