Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

Flag Mounts
Q.  They look chrome. Are they?
A.  Actually they are highly polished stainless steel. That means no chipping, peeling or rusting, and if it ever gets dull, you can re-polish it. Plus, stainless steel is incredibly durable which is why we can offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on them.
Q.  Are the poles and mounts interchangeable?
A.  Yes, any PPI pole will fit into any PPI flag mount.
Q.  How do I measure the diameter of my round bar?
A.  The simplest and best way is take an open end wrench such as a 3/8", 1/2", etc. and see which size fits the bar. Check each wrench size above and below to make sure you found the right size.
Q. My mount loosens up or my set screw for the pole keeps loosening after I ride.
A. First, when installing the mount to the bar, be sure to tighten the mount all the way. Keep tightening until the cap screws don't turn anymore. It is also highly recommended to use semi-permanent Loc-tite (Blue) on the screws and set screws. If your set screw loosens, remove the set screw, make sure there's no debris in the pole hole and install the flag pole and ensure it went all the way down into the hole. Then apply some blue Loc-tite to the set screw. Tighten firmly. If you lost any screws, we have screw kits listed on our website here
Q.  Can I take off the bullet style topper and put on the decorative lollipop topper?
A.  Yes, the bullet style is held on by red (permanent) Loc-tite. Place the pole into a vise or a pliers taking care not to damage the pole surface. Apply heat to the bullet topper using a torch or heat gun. Take a pair of pliers and while heating, unscrew the bullet topper once the heat softens the loc-tite. Install the decorative lollipop topper onto the pole. The decorative lollipop topper uses a set screw to keep it in place so no loc-tite is necessary. The decorative lollipop topper will fit on any 1/4-20 thread. This does not apply for black coated poles.
Q. I can't get my black coated mount to separate. How do I do that?
A. The black coating is applied with the mount assembled. This in turn sometimes makes it difficult to separate the halves. The best way we found is to loosen the cap screws but don't remove them. Then take a pair of needle nose pliers and use the taper of the pliers as a drift punch and push the nose of the pliers (while the pliers are closed) through the mount hole. The taper of the pliers will push the 2 halves apart. Another way is to use a large screwdriver inserted through the hole, taking care not to damage the black coating, and placing the flag pole into the mount and gently pry open the mount using the shaft of the screwdriver, not the tip.
Q.  I just received my folding flag mount, why won’t it fold?
A.  Install the flag mount on your rack for leverage and then try folding the flag mount. If you still are having difficulty folding the mount after installing, try pushing the button then gently rock the pole back and forth. The folding mounts have very tight internals. DO NOT try to loosen the pivot screw. The mount will loosen gradually over time from use.
Q.  Is there a warranty on flags?
A.  Due to a number of variables outside of our control (i.e. weather, amount of ride time, sun exposure, outdoor storage, whipping against bike, etc.) there is no expressed warranty on our flags. On rare occasion, if you happen to experience issues with your flags within the first two weeks of owning them, please contact us and we will address the issue according to the circumstances involved. Proof of purchase (receipt) is required if not purchased directly through PPI.

Please keep in mind that flags are generally replaced yearly, depending on the variables mentioned above.

Q.  Can you wash the flags?
A.  Yes, they can be washed if needed. Wash with regular detergent on mild or gentle cycle in cold water. Hang to dry.
Pro Pads
Q.  How do I install my Pro Pad?
A.  Installation is easy with our two-part system: (1) a sewn-in elastic strap towards the front of the pad that can be flossed between the seat and the tank or a two-part seat like those found on Fatboys (2) a strapping system at the rear sides of the pad with detachable clips, adjustable elastic straps and coated metal hooks. These hooks can then be attached to the bottom edge of the seat, to each other underneath the seat, to a rail or the hooks can be removed and the elastic can be looped around a bar.
Q.  Can I wash my Pro Pad?
A.  All of our pads can only be spot cleaned and what you use to clean them with depends on the top material.
  • If you have a sheepskin pad, you can use sheepskin conditioner; there are several options available on Amazon.  Lightly spray top of pad, wipe with a damp rag, brush wool while damp, lay flat to dry and brush again to fluff.
  • If you have a leather top pad, you can use leather condition in much the same way without the brushing.
  • And if you have the quilted fabric, Tech Series or Diamond Mesh pads, you can use upholstery cleaner, spray lightly, wipe with a damp cloth and lay flat to dry. Take special care when spraying the Tech Series that you don't spray too much because of the larger holes…spraying too much can cause moisture to get trapped in the pad and under the insert.
Do not machine wash or submerse your pad in water.
Q.  What if I did not receive my package?
A.  In the rare instance that a package is not received, first track your package to determine its location and also verify that the “ship to” address is correct. (If you do not have a tracking number, please email to request tracking information.) If the tracking shows the package was delivered and the shipping address is correct, please contact the delivery service for a resolution and/or check with your neighbors to see if they have received the package by mistake (this happens more than you would think). Once a package has been marked as delivered by the delivery service, PPI no longer assumes responsibility for the package or the contents therein. If the tracking shows an incorrect address, please contact PPI immediately.

Please keep in mind that the insurance offered by USPS and UPS does not cover theft. Each customer is responsible for providing a safe/secure delivery address. For more information about insurance on packages, please see the FAQ “Is my package insured?”

Q.  Is my package insured?
A.  Packages are not insured by any more than the amount automatically offered by the carrier (USPS Priority $50 and UPS $100). This insurance provides coverage in the event that they become lost or damaged while in transit. Insurance offered by the carrier does not cover theft. Please contact PPI at 1-704-660-1084 or if you would like to have your package insured for an amount greater than that automatically offered by the carrier. The customer is responsible for the additional charge for insurance, even if there is a promotion running for “free shipping”.

USPS Priority Mail International will automatically cover up to $100 for documents and up to $200 for all other items. However, Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and the Small Flat Rate Box are not automatically covered by USPS insurance.

Product Warranty
Q.  How do I place a warranty claim?
A.  If your product exhibits a manufacturer defect/fault within the warranty period, you can contact us at 1-704-660-1084. Be prepared to provide the following information:
•  Your full name, phone number, and shipping address
•  Date and place of purchase
•  Proof of purchase (receipt)

An RA# (Return Authorization Number) will be given to you to write on the outside of the package along with the shipping address to send your product to Pro Pad Inc. Please DO NOT send in an item for “warranty” without getting permission from PPI to do so.

You are responsible for the cost to ship the product to PPI and PPI is responsible for the cost to ship the repaired/replaced product to you. We recommend shipping the item with a carrier that offers a tracking number. Once the item is received by PPI, it must be inspected and approved for repair/replacement. If there are any concerns about the product or validity of your warranty claim, you will be contacted via phone at the number you provided. Product warranty is valid only for product purchased in the continental US. For areas outside the continental US, customer is responsible for all shipping and any taxes incurred.

Q.  Do I need to fill out the warranty card that came with my item?
A.  Yes, it is in your best interest to do so. Filing your warranty with us makes the warranty claim process so much easier for YOU. There is no need to provide a receipt (proof of purchase) if you file a properly completed, legible warranty card. You may complete the card supplied with your product, or register your product online at within 30 days of your purchase date.
Product Pricing
Q.  Your product is cheaper on Ebay, Amazon or another 3rd Party Reseller.  Do you price match?
A.  As the manufacturer, we establish MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) for each of our products.  Authorized dealers may provide discounts for our products.

At this time we do not have any authorized dealers who are approved by PPI to sell on Ebay or Amazon.  We do, however, have our own store through Amazon as well as Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) listings so please pay attention to who the product is "Sold by" when making your Amazon purchase.  Please be aware that there have been reports of second-hand products being shipped with missing parts by unauthorized dealers selling through 3rd party sources (i.e. Ebay and Amazon).  We have the right to reject any warranty claims for our products purchased through any or all of these unauthorized resellers.  Buyer beware...cheaper is not always better!

Dealer Information
Q.  How do I become a dealer?
A.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please email us at and request the Introductory Dealer Packet. This will include a one page application, additional dealer information, and our current pricing. You may also purchase our products from Drag Specialties, Bikers Choice or Western Power Sports.
Q.  I carry your product in my shop, but I’m not listed under ‘Find a Dealer’. How do I get on this list?
A.  We would be happy to add you to our ‘Find a Dealer’ page. Please email the following information to with the subject line "Request to be Added to Find a Dealer":
•  Company Name
•  Company Address
•  Business Phone Number
•  A link to your company website (if you have one)
•  The distributor you use to purchase our product