Replacement O-RINGS

We heard you!  We get numerous requests for extra o-rings so we thought we'd make it easier on you.  These are replacement o-rings for our 3/8" poles to hold the flag upward.  This 10-pack is for those of you who like to keep extra o-rings on hand in case you lose them, or they wear out quicker if you're in a hot, dry location with a year-round riding season.  If you're also getting replacement flags, each flag will already have a single o-ring with it, which should last until you purchase your next replacement flag.  

Kit Includes:

  • EPDM Rubber O-Ring .296"ID; .139" Cross Section, BLACK Color - Qty 10

*** Please note that if you are only buying this kit and nothing else, there is a $3.95 flat rate shipping fee to cover the bubble mailer and shipping cost. We know it sounds high, but we can't send these in a standard envelope! ***