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Our 9" or 13" poles fit any of our flag mount bases.  Our 15" and 20" poles are for the Fixed mounts only (FXD1, FXD2, FXD3, FXD4 & FXD5) - NOT for the folding mounts, the license plate mount (LPM) or any open mount such as the SQ or SQSB.; Pole, topper and o-ring included; does not include flag or mount base. Stainless brand mount base is required to use this replacement pole. 
  • 9" pole accommodates one 6"x9" flag
  • 13" pole* accommodates one 6"x9" flag or one 10"x15" parade flag
  • 15" pole on fixed mount accommodates two 6"x9" flags or one 10"x15" parade flag
  • 20" pole on fixed mount can hold three 6"x9" flags or one 6"x9" flag with one 10"x15" parade flag
  • All stainless steel
  • Choice of standard or decorative topper
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding flag)
  • 3/8" diameter
  • LED Topper not intended for use with any fold-down flag mounts

  * NOTE:  13" Pole with 10"x15" parade flag is not recommended for highway speeds on any of the fold-down mounts.  Fold-down mounts used with a 13" pole and 10"x15" flag (flown at highway speeds) or a 15" or 20" pole will not be covered under warranty.    

All flag poles have a limited lifetime warranty against manufacture defect. This warranty excludes the flag, o-ring and damage due to accidents, neglect or abuse. Should your flag pole need warranty service, it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Pro Pad Inc. This warranty applies to the original owner only.
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14 Reviews

16th Feb 2017

Outstanding American made product

After 3 + years under the Florida sun and humidity the polished toppers are still gleaming. The shafts had slight tarnishing, which cleaned right up with a bit of chrome polish and 0000 steel wool. Wouldn't use any other brand.

11th Nov 2016

Best mounts, poles, flags

These are by far the best mounts, poles, toppers and flags you can buy for your Bike. There is no other that comes close to the ProPad equipment. Customer service is the best and very easy to work with and trust me I have purchased several of these and never had an issue except for the Allen Set Screw head stripping out. I call customer service and within a few days I had replacements at no charge. I would never purchase any other Flags or mounting hardware anyplace else.

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