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Seat Pads for HD Cruiser Rider

  • #6501 #6501 (includes 2 adjustable straps with rubber coated hooks)

    Large Tech Series Gel Pro Pad

    In the war against "numb butt" and sweat, the Tech Series top pad is the latest weapon. The orange gel insert is not visible through the material on the current Tech Series pads. Gives more coverage over those large touring seats in the rear (Goldwing...

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  • Large Real SheepSkin Pro Pad

    Large Sheepskin Gel Pro Pad

    Motorcycle sheepskin gel seat pads provide maximum comfort for maximum RIDING FUN!!! That's what the Pro Pad Top Pad is all about - more fun - because riding in pain isn't fun for anyone.    These sheepskin seat cushions are great for large...

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